From initial concept to final design we've been creating award winning packaging design for a variety of companies
including Quaker, Maple Leaf and Canada Bread.

Our experience allows us to offer many other services to help with your packaging needs including updates, line extensions,
concepts, on-pack promotions, production art and mock-ups. All with a designer's eye from start to finish.

Underground has been working for over 20 years with clients to produce eye catching promotional material for their products and services. Our talented artists work with you to help create artwork that speaks directly to your audience.

Underground Productions Inc.

56 Shorting Road, Toronto, ON M1S 3S3


Phone: 416-289-6649

Email: studio@undergroundproductionsinc.com

Our trade show work is a great example of our ability to create an individual look for show produced. As well as designing the look of the show, we create direct mail campaigns, brochures, web and any other supporting elements required. All these pieces are developed in a combination that creates a unique experience to each show.

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